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Responsible Traveler

The Responsible Traveler Challenge

Help us protect hospitality workers and the magical destinations we love.

Travel industry workers need our support.

Airline personnel, hotel workers, restaurant servers, and guides are all dedicated to making our clients’ journeys memorable. This puts them on the front line of service, at risk of exposure to COVID-19.

We, the travel professionals, can do something to help.

Overseas Network has taken action to provide practical tools and incentives that promote safe, socially responsible travel for everyone.

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  • $250 Travel Credit Incentive
  • ENTRSAFE App Partnership
  • A Letter From Our CEO

Travel Credit of $250

Clients who provide negative COVID-19 tests* for all adults in their travel party will receive a $250 group credit to spend during their trips.

Travelers can choose to spend it on an activity, apply it towards incidentals, or donate full or partial credit to Partners in Health, a global nonprofit organization that provides quality healthcare to the world’s most vulnerable communities.

This monetary incentive applies to all of Overseas Network’s portfolio destinations.

* Tests must be taken 72 hours prior to departure to receive $250 credit from Overseas Network. Limited to one (1) credit per travel group. Cannot be combined with other promotions. Subject to terms and conditions.

Responsible Traveler

Self-Evaluate with ENTRSAFE App

To further promote the importance of responsible travel, we have partnered with ENTRSAFE, a new mobile app that helps travelers self-evaluate their exposure risks and coronavirus-related symptoms.

Clients who book services with Overseas Network through its partners will receive the app complimentary.

Through ENTRSAFE, users will respond to a series of questions to determine whether they are “cleared” to move forward with their travel plans. Based on this self-evaluation – submitted confidentially and at the discretion of each user – travelers may be urged to reconsider and proceed with caution, or prompted to stop to seek medical care.

Responsible Traveler
Join the Challenge
Protecting our travel treasures starts with protecting those who are the true soul behind the beauty of an experience.

— Felix Brambilla. CEO Overseas Network

A Letter From Our CEO

“I live in a small paradise called Islamorada in the Florida Keys. After three months of closure and extreme care taken by the locals, we maintained less than 100 total coronavirus cases over a 130-mile stretch spanning 1,700 islands.

Since June 1st, Islamorada’s reported cases have climbed by 500%, and we now see record numbers… Looking at the swarm of incoming travelers and the lack of commitment to distancing and wearing masks, it became obvious that my company could not stand by and watch.”

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Responsible Traveler