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Rio Negro Queen

Adventure Awaits in the Amazon Aboard the Rio Negro Queen

Where primitive jungle meets luxury first-hand…

Imagine sailing along the deeply colored and mineral-rich Amazonian River where you are the designer on board, deciding which adventure you will embark on next...

Meet the Rio Negro Queen, where you wake up and decide how you will meet each day, and no day looks like the one before it. Where world-class hospitality and Brazilian cuisine with an international flair thrive. Are you ready to jump in and live it?

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  • Adventure Aboard the Rio Negro Queen
  • Onboard Magic
  • Best of the Best
  • Taste of Brazil
  • A Purposeful Path

Welcome Aboard

Adventure Aboard the Rio Negro Queen

Rio Negro Queen on the Amazon River

Rio Negro Queen on the Amazon River

Just a 4-hour non-stop flight from Miami to Brazil, and you have landed in a part of the world unlike any other. Every detail of your Amazon adventure is curated to bring you directly to the heart of the river. You will discover a region untouched by tourists that both celebrates and protects the eco-system.

Onboard Magic

Onboard you find magic in the ship's design details, with 15 different private cabins, your own personal exploration guide, and a boat to disembark. Each spacious room is equipped with updated technology through an iPad concierge system, as well as a wide-lens view of the jungle through windows as wide as your ever-curious gaze.

Rio Negro Queen

Best of the Best

Pink river dolphins native to the Amazon

Pink river dolphins native to the Amazon

Whether you choose to privatize the entire boat or book a cabin, you will find a unique set of experiences available. Reel in humongous Peacock Bass through a luxurious fishing adventure, witness the bio-diverse jungle in the 180-degree view open lounge, or cheers Italian mixologist crafted cocktails in the roof pool. After a magnificent day of swimming with Boto (rare pink river dolphins), dock along the pristine white sandbar to unwind with a festive dinner before gearing up to sail once more for bowfishing illuminated by the stars.

Taste of Brazil

Floating through the jungle, you will discover an unparalleled international cuisine curated by a Michelin Star Chef, Rolland Villard. Ranging from Brazilian specialties to organic dishes, you are sure to deem this culinary experience unforgettable. You can even opt for an extravagant preparation of your own personal catch of the day!

Rio Negro Queen

A Purposeful Path

The journey through the Amazon cut from modern civilization leads the Rio Negro Queen to local tribes, often delivering them high-quality eye and dental care as well as medical supplies.

Onboard you will find the local crew from the city of Manaus, who deliver exquisite Brazilian hospitality with an international flair.

Rio Negro Queen

Are You Ready to Live It?

The Rio Negro Queen along the pristine white beaches in the Amazon

The Rio Negro Queen along the pristine white beaches in the Amazon

The Rio Negro Queen allows for an adventure through the Amazonia, unlike any other. Discover an ecosystem thriving with a diverse range of species. Life on the water and under the Brazilian sun is as luxurious as it is thrilling.

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Rio Negro Queen

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